Website online SEO Audit Tool

Google Web Developer Tools is one of the most amazing and most powerful tools audits tools that present to your website performance reports. Many times people do not know how many errors and problems are coming on my website, and how to get diagnosed with these probes. How well can your website do the loading speed of the website is a lot of work for many people. When the website is being opened, it is checked how long your web site is taking to load, because if it takes more time the user will close it first. And this will increase the bounce rate of your website, which is not right for a blogger. Blogger wants that the user came to him and stayed on the website, and people stay on the website only when the website is good to look, its content is good, and it gives the correct and complete definition of its heading. All these problems will be diagnosed in the Audit tab of Web Developer Tools. So let’s know about it: –

Website online SEO Audit Tool
Website online SEO Audit Tool

A glimpse of the Audits tab has been shown in the image above. In this image you are seeing that first of all you have been told, what is the Audits tab? You can learn more about the Audits tab by visiting Learn more.

Now let’s select your device. You have to check in your website report on which device my web site is performing.

How to check website performance online?

It is important to check the performance of the website from time to time. This helps in website SEO. If the website’s speed is good, then the website is quick and easy to crawl. It is easy to check the report under the website analysis tool. There are reports shows of Matrix under Performance, in which you can see the report of First Canteen Paint, First Meaningful Paint, Speed Index, First CPU idle, Time Interactive, Estimated Input Latency, etc. Through view trace, you can see the seconds of the website report.

Opportunities of Website Reports

Under this, you can speed up website speed by resolving the report of Defer off-screen images, Serve images in next-gen formats, Preconnect to require origins, Eliminate render-blocking resources, Efficiently encode images, Properly size images, Remove unused CSS, etc. can go.

Google Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an open source web page for Google WebTool. It conducts web site speed and its health audit. You will find many lighthouses in the market. These Lighthouses also give the same report which you get through the Google Web Developer Tool. The only difference is that you can remove the website’s information from the Google Web Developer Tool’s Lighthouse. But whether it is possible to click on the link and reach the issue, it will not be possible. But you can reach the direct link using other lighthouses and easily solve the problem.

Google Lighthouse Benefits

Google’s Light House has many benefits which are as under: –

  1. Google Lighthouse helps your website get better and faster. Through Google WebTool, you can fix the performance of your website.
  2. Google Lighthouse also reports on your website’s Diagnostics report. In what things your website is better Reports all of these.
  3. The Google Lighthouse website offers additional items manually by presenting a logical report through a check. Website’s Best Practice Report Helps Browser Surfing.
  4. Google Lighthouse also makes reports about what can be improved on the website. The show time settings of the website also show. The PWA Optimized Report shows the website’s service. By which service can be given better.

Light House Accessibility Report

The best thing in Google Lighthouse is accessibility. Which tells scripting and HTML errors in your website Such as the website’s contrast value, and how much should be, website name and labels, etc. All these reports you can easily see in Accessibility.

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