Type of excel formula error with solution

Type of excel formula error with solution

Solving the error of Excel is easy. If the error is known, then the error can be solved quickly. Often, some errors are occasionally seen when creating Excel Sheet. Which we are able to do easily. But sometimes the error is so serious that it is difficult to make errors by the solver and in the end, you make the same sheet again. Today, all these errors will be discussed in this article. And will find solutions.

Fixing Errors

Many times, while dealing with accounting in Excel, we face some errors that are difficult to find and that formula is not working properly. This type of error is solved through a fixing error. You need to know in your sheet how many errors in my Excel sheet. And what type of error is that?

Types of Errors: –

#DIV/0! Error          

You see that the error showing this type of error as you know (# DIV / 0!) Error appears when a formula tries to divide by zero, or by the value equal to zero If you are not able to divide then you can see this type of error (# DIV / 0)! Error when the data has not been completed yet. For example, a cell in the worksheet is empty because the data has not been entered or is not yet available.

#NAME? error

You can see that this is a name error. The formula that comes in the cell is not complete. Means formula has not been given the full name. Hence this name has been summarized in the formula. To do this type of error, go back to the cell and edit the formula and repeat it again and then bring it with the entry. Your formula will start working.

#N/A error

By looking up the name given above, you can know that nothing like this is included in this kind of error, so if you have a formula box missing from some word. The formula you put in has its name written in full, but no value is available. This is how the cell is doing the Nothing Show.

#NUM! error

#NUM! The error number is a missing error. These errors can often be seen when making an accounting or making mark sheets or making an invoice. In an error, the formula was correct data but the cell failed. So it will show an error of this type.

#VALUE! error

#VALUE! In Excel, The error then shows when the formula of the cell does not match any other formula, then this type of error can be seen. Surely you have vanished the value in some part of your sheet and even if you are taking it in its count, then this kind of error is more likely.

#REF! error

(#REF!) Error is one of the most common errors you will see in Excel formulas. This occurs when a reference becomes invalid. In many cases, this is happening because the sheets, rows, or columns have been removed or because a formula with relative references has been copied to a new location where the references are invalid.

#NULL! error

This type of error is also called a typing miss error. These errors are usually included in the problem of comma full stop or apostrophe etc. during typing. This means that when writing a formula, you have not written any coma or have not written a full stop. This type of error can be seen in this form.

#### error

You will be able to see this type of error very little. This is not a light problem, just typing is missing. However, once in 100 typing you can see this type of error. These errors will make you grow the cell and the right shows will take place. In this type of error, if the name is not found in the correct place in the cell, then it will start to appear like this and it will end as the error cell gets bigger.

#SPILL! error

This type of (#SPILL) error occurs when a formula produces a spread range that runs in a cell that already contains the data. Then you can see this type of error.


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