How to write good content for a website

how to write a good content for a website?

How to write good content for a website. If you talk about this issue, then this issue remains in the eyes of anyone creating a blogger or a website, how to write good content for your website. Content Writer writes the content of SEO with good content, keeping in mind the content. Blogging people need content and if they are content SEO, then they are considering to be good on gold. There is more demand for Content Writer in the world. Which comes to write good content, it is creating a content business in today’s time. Creating content writing is not a bad idea because people really earn good money from this business. In countries such as Pakistan, people of content writing will get more views. However, not only in Pakistan but in most countries, youth have made content writing their business.

How to write SEO content for a Website?

The business of content writing falls under digital marketing and digital marketing is a widespread market. Under the digital market, most of the topics related to the work of the website are included. One of those topics is content writing work. Many people claim to be content writers, so many are also in real. It is the right thing to do in the right way. Being a content writer is not a big deal. The big thing is that you are a good content writer. The content writer is not born from birth but rather becomes a content writer for his hard work and passion. Content writers should increase their knowledge in the right direction, that should be what should be used to make me a good content writer. You can also become a good content writer, do not just leave the effort.

Keep writing the content and checking it with your SEO tool. You can become a good content writer. If you do not and want to be a good content writer, keep following this article.

Website content writing tips

1. First Paragraph in Max 150 Words

To write SEO content, you should explain one of your topics in 150 words. Words in your paragraph should not exceed 150 words.

2. Create Subheading

After you have described the main topic, it is important that you now make a subheading. Do not describe your Subheading of more than 150 words.

3. More than 10% Passive Voice

More than 10% of your content should not have a passive voice. A passive voice produces content confusing. It is important for any reader that the reader should understand the things you said quickly. It is important that you do not have more than 10% passive voice content in your entire paragraph.

4. Outbound Links

These topics are for bloggers only. If you want your content to be full of SEO, then it is important that you have an external link inside your website.

5. Internal Links

These topics are for bloggers only. If you want your content to be full of SEO, then it is important that you link your page or post to each other within your website.

6. Insert Meta Description

Meta descriptions are necessary for SEO of any post or page, and it is important that the meta description does not exceed 156 words. The most important thing is that the meta description of your website should be in the heading, also in the URL, and those words are also used in the description.

7. Give Alt Tags in the Image

Of course, give an alt tag in the respective image in the paragraph. This is very important for the SEO of your posts or pages. The alt tag helps you rank your website.

8. Use of Transition Words

Do not use transition words in your entire paragraph. Use transition terms such as and, but, because of, etc.

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