How to separate duplicate values in Excel

How to separate duplicate values in Excel

If accounting is to be done in Excel, then it is very important to have a shortcut and Excel formulas. The shortcut in Excel can make any work fast and makes the formula simpler to Excel. Which is easier to work and work faster. Today, when I got a file that did what I had to do, then whatever amount of data contained in the file, I was able to transfer it to another sheet and save it and send the file. I used to remove duplicate values ​​and send single data several times. But this time the client said that the value which has removed from me, I need that data as well. Now I started thinking that if the data is 100 or 150 then manually make it, now by removing the duplicate value from 10000 data, there were about 7500 data left, which I gave to the client, now how to separate that data.

I searched a lot about this on Google but I was not getting the solution that I wanted. I have never used kutool before. And when I experimented, it proved to be quite helpful. Today, I’m going to tell a few shortcuts about how to deal with this kind of problem and how to solve it.

  1. First of all, open your file and select the entire row that is to separate the data of the row.
  2. Now you go to kutools and press the select button and there will be a drag button open. Now select the Select Duplicate and Unique Cells from now on.
  3. Now you have a pop box open in front of you. You can click on the radio button of duplicate (Accept 1 Stone). And select any color in the processing of results. After that, select the select anti rouge and press OK.
  4. Except for one value in front of you, you have selected all other duplicate values. You copy the data and paste it on another sheet and paste it.
  5. Now you come back to your sheet again and press the delete button, all your selected data will be deleted. Now select the one that was selected from the first row and press the button (F5).
  6. Another pop-up application will open in front of you, which will be Goto. You press the special button of that popup application and there will be another popup application open there.
  7. In the special popup application, you select the Blank Radio button and then press OK You will see that the only known black cell was selected by the application. Now you right click the delete button and your data will be ready.

In the same way, if you have to delete one and keep all the data, then go to the select button of kotools and select all the duplicate radio buttons of the rule. And then let him give him color and press OK.

If you want to separate only the unique data in the datasheet of your Excel, then by doing this you can select this unique value and make it simple and fast.

The most notable thing about this tool is that this row can also give a background color to a cell and also give a front color. It can select the entire row and select one cell as well. In an application of kutools, it is very helpful to keep the data accurate and systematic.

Without kutools

Suppose that if you had been asked to do without the use of kutools, then this work would not be impossible but it would take a lot of time and it was not even possible that the data that I have solved, is actually the correct data or not. It would also be difficult to get it.

You open your sheet and whatever is the duplicate value, go to its data menu and delete the duplicate value, and when it is said that you have to give the data that you have deleted, then you can do this manually by doing this work manually Will do and you can take full responsibility for doing this work or you can get more time that day.


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