How to become a google local guide?

How to earn money from google maps

It’s easy to become a Google Local Guide. But it is difficult to follow the Google Local Guide. You can become a Google Local Guide. First of all, what is the Google Local Guide? Think like you are walking on the road and ask you some way, if you know, then you will tell him that this is your way in this direction. If you do not know, then you refuse. Just that you go where you live with your mobile too. Indexes the mobile space. I just have to write about that place in more detail. You can post and write good and bad things about that place. Now if anyone will search for that place on the Internet then he will read reviews and reviews that will help him how he is in the place.

So how did you help the other with your little help? This is the only Local Guide. This local guide is run by Google, and you have to make an account on Google and start Google Maps. And to become a member of Google Map’s Local Guide.

After becoming a member of the Google Local Guide, you have to go to My Contribution. He’ll see you some level. Your points will increase as you share your reviews, posts, images, and videos in Google Maps. As your points increase, your level will increase.

Google Maps is a great Google product that helps you reach your destination. Through the Google map, we can find any place anywhere in the world in Minto, and the biggest thing is that we do not even need to go for it. This work we can sit at home can see. A Google product that is found in all mobile phones and computers. Just turn it on and type in what you are looking for in any place, and in a few seconds, you will reach that place.

Google local guide levels

There are 10 levels of Google Local Guides and they increase 10 levels when you increase your points. How does Google Local Guides get points? And know how to increase these points –

Google local guide levels
Google local guide levels

When you become a member of Google Local Guide, at that time you will be at level 0. You may not have seen your level. Questions related to the review of the places you have visited will be asked. You can read your points by giving them details.

Google review rewards

1. On review, you will get 10 points.

2. You will get 1 point when rating the place.

3. You will get 5 points when you share the photo.

4. You will get 7 points when you share the video.

6. When answering a question, you will get 1 point.

7. You will get 3 points when you respond.

8. If you have added a place on the wrong place or its name is missing or the name is wrong, you will get 5 points if you edit this type.

9. A place that does not add to Google and if you add it, you get 15 points.

10. Suppose someone adds a place to Google Maps and you certify that place, then you will get 1 point for this job.

Note: If you have written about a place in detail, work will be done in 200 words, you will get 10 points, while the detailed writing award will get 10 points extra.

Google maps local guide benefits

Sharing your reviews in Google Maps and sharing your post is to join a community. And the biggest benefit is that you can increase your business through Google Business. Google Maps helps you reach your destination. Many times you do not find any help from anyone’s shame. Or sometimes you do not like people or you are afraid, then in that situation, you can get help from Google Maps.

Google Maps not only brings you to your destination, but Google Maps also makes your path easier and easier. You can quickly and securely reach your destination with the help of Google Maps.

Google local guides community

There is no relation to connecting Google Local Guide to Google Maps. Google Local Guide Connect is a separate web application. For more information, you can click on the link given below.

How to earn money from google maps?

If you want to fund through Google map, then you are on the right platform. This article will tell you how to earn money from google map? All of you have heard that reviews are shared on Google Maps. And not just reviews, but also posts, images and videos are shared. All you have to do is increase your income by using all these things. You can increase your business by making money using google map.

Suppose that you have a business. And the point of note is that you would like to spread the business first in your area. And if he has become popular in your area. So gradually your business will be popular in the external world. Most people practice their business by creating their website. But they surely place the address on their business website. What do you have to do whenever you share your review on the Local Guide, then you have to tell about your business with comparisons. By which people will read and your business will grow.

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