Film Kabir Singh Full Movie Story

Film Kabir Singh Full Movie Story

Kabir Rajdhir Singh is a House Surgeon at Delhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, India. Kabir has left his college topper. Due to its good and excellent record, college Kabir is a Famous Personality. Despite being a brilliant student, they have serious management problems which earn the anger of the college’s dean. Kabir’s aggressive nature also gives him a reputation among his junior college as a college. More of this anger was seen during the college football match. During the inter-college football match, there was a dispute with his friend Kamal against the members of the opposition team. The dispute was so serious that Dean asked Kabir to apologize to Kabir or leave the college. Kabir initially selects the latter. Kabir is standing outside the office with a letter, only then the first year student comes back after meeting with Preity Sikka.

Kabir’s Lover Story starts here

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Kiara Advani

Once again, And Kabir and his friend Shiva enter the class in the third year and pretend as a precaution to the class teacher, Kabir declares that Kabir is in love with Preeti and assures him that he is unique to her. Initially scared, but during the Holi Festival, Kabir tells Kabir Prey about his heart. Preeti begins to adjust herself to Kabir’s drab attitude. He eventually repeats his feelings and they develop an intimate relationship. Kabir is a graduate with a degree in MBBS and is on his way to Mussoorie for a master’s degree in orthopedic surgery. During the three years, the relationship between Kabir and Preity became stronger Kabir returns home after completing his studies and goes to his home to take Preity in the marriage of his elder brother. Where his father sees him kissing and throwing Kabir out.

Preeti’s father opposes her and Kabir’s relationship because she dislikes Kabir’s personality. Kabir trusts the father of Preity that he will keep the love happy and will leave all his bad habits. But the father of love does not believe and Kabir is said to be bad. Kabir then comes in anger and asks Preeti to decide within six hours or else he will end his relationship. As long as he manages to go to Kabir’s house, he is drunk, injects morphine in himself, and becomes unconscious for two days. Two days after Kabir, his friend Shiva tells him that Preeti has forcibly married a member of her caste. Kabir goes to his house in protest. The house of Preet kills her and is arrested for making a scene. Kabir’s father expelled him from the house to harm his reputation.

With the help of Shiva, Kabir finds a rented apartment and works as a surgeon in a private hospital. Kabir Preity does not forget and to cope with his emotions, he starts taking drugs, tries to a one-night stand, buys a pet dog and drinks him in the name of Preity; All of which are unsuccessful. Within months, he becomes a successful surgeon and a high-performing alcoholic. Kabir is suspected by the staff members of the hospital, one of the reasons is his higher surgery count. Even after understanding Shiva and Kamal, Kabir is surrounded by his self-destructive behavior and worries. Once she persuades her to make a physical relationship with one of her patients, Jiya Sharma, who is a leading film star, which she then ends when she falls in love with him.

One day Kabir was in his house off, only then Kabir had a call from a nurse. At that time Kabir was drunk enough. The surgery was very cumbersome. Even after considering Kabir, the nurse persuades him for the operation. Kabir reluctantly agrees to make life-saving surgery and falls with dehydration. The operation is done right, but hospital staff checks their blood samples, which show signs of alcohol and cocaine.

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Kiara Advani

The hospital chief issues a case in the court against Kabir, who accepts the truth on the basis of violating his professional ethics during a court hearing in a house, Shiva has arranged to take him out. Kabir’s medical license has been canceled for five years due to the unethical behavior of Kabir and he has been evicted from the flat. Next morning, Shiva reaches Kabir to tell Kabir about the death of his grandmother. Kabir meets his father, and they reconcile with him. Kabir leaves his self-destructive habits.

Kabir goes out for a few days to celebrate a holiday. Finding him, Shiva and Kamal meet him and give him the opinion of starting a new life. Kabir shows the desire to meet Preeti for the last time. Kabir goes out to meet Preeti. Kabir sees Preity as a pregnant woman sitting in a park. Agrees that he is unhappy with his marriage. Preity disclosed that she left her husband only after 3 months of marriage and continued to work in a clinic. Tells Kabir that she is the father of the child, and they meet again. The couple marries, and Preeti’s father apologizes for misinterpreting their love for each other, and then Kabir returns to her life again.

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